[ADVISOR FIRM NAME] has a revolutionary new pooled retirement solution to offer clients for their employees

Let us help you turn your company's retirement plan into an asset

[ADVISOR FIRM NAME] has partnered with industry leaders to create an innovative pooled retirement solution to help clients achieve their company's financial goals by outsourcing fiduciary responsibility and liability.

What does this partnership mean to our clients who offer or want to offer their employees and retirement solution?

It means [ADVISOR FIRM NAME] has the flexibility to meet  clients’ retirement needs through a single contract that offers two options

[Advisor Firm Names] pooled retirement solution product set consists of two plan configurations: Retirement Plan Exchange® and Choice Pooled Employer Plan℠ 




The Retirement Plan Exchange Solution allows individual sponsors to select from a menu of cost-effective options to build a single-employer retirement plan and configure a support team.


  • Individual plan sponsors choose from menu of cost-effective options to build retirement plan
  • Form 5500 filed individually per plan
  • Typically, best suited for smaller businesses and organizations



The Choice Pooled Employer Plan℠ treats the plans of multiple unrelated employers as one large plan and allows employers to choose from two cost-effective investment platform options.


  • Treats multiple plans as one large plan
  • Sponsored by a Pooled Plan Provider (PPP)
  • PPP handles administration and oversight
  • Files one combined Form 5500 for the PEP
  • Large plans benefit from reduced audit costs• Your choice of 3(38) investment managers

The Core Benefits 

Reduced Risk

If you administer your own retirement solution you are personally liable for the plan. Our new solution takes on the fiduciary risk.

Administrative Duites

The list of duties that accompanies administering your own solution is long and tedious. TAG resources remove over 90% of those administrative duties.

Economies of Scale

Gives access to economies of scale


This solution gives you time back to focus on your business. Your employees can focus on building your business. Not administering your retirement plan.


Having a retirement solution administered by professionals can help attract new talent and help retain your top employees.


Allows Investment services and selections that make the most sense for clients employees

Happy businessmen applauding good presentation in office
[“Helping our clients by giving them access to a pooled retirement solution that help scale their business is our mission. We aim to reduce the discords and friction of day-to-day administrative problems and give our clients critical time back..”]

How does our new solution give OUR CLIENTS time back?

A major DIFFERENTIATOR of our solution for you as a participating employer is the reduced administrative tasks you have to perform on your [401(k)/403(b)].

[Advisor Firm Names] new retirement solution takes on over 90% of your administrative duties

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES WITHOUT [Advisor Firm Names] pooled solution

  • [3(38) Investment Manager Appointment]
  • 402(g) Limit Reporting
  • 404(a)(5) Notice Distribution
  • 404(c) Notice Distribution
  • 408(b)(2) Notice Distribution
  • Annual Discrimination &
    Coverage Testing
  • Annual Fee Negotiations
    With Vendors
  • Audit Completion Support
  • Audit Firm Hiring & Monitoring
  • Auto Enrollment Notice Distribution
  • Beneficiary Designation Form Maintenance
  • Beneficiary Determinations
  • Blackout Notice Distribution
  • Census Review
  • Corrective Distributions
  • Death Benefit Approval
  • Distribution Reporting
  • DOL and IRS Issue
    Resolution Assistance
  • Eligibility Calculations
  • Eligibility Notifications
  • Employer Contribution Monitoring
  • Plan Document Preparation
  • ERISA Bond Review
  • Error Correction Monitoring
  • Fiduciary Insurance
    Coverage Review
  • Force Out Processing
  • Form 5330 Preparation
  • Form 5500 Preparation,
    Signing, & Filing
  • Form 8955 Preparation,
    Signing, & Filing
  • Fund Change Notice Distribution
  • Hardship Withdrawal Approval
  • Loan Approval & Reporting
  • Loan Default Monitoring
  • Loan Policy Administration
  • Lost Earnings Calculations
  • Participant Enrollment Assistance
  • Payroll Aggregation
  • Payroll File Aggregation
  • Plan Design Review
  • Plan Document Preparation
    & Archiving
  • Plan Irregularity Notification
  • QDIA Notice Distribution
  • QDRO Determinations
    & Reporting
  • Quarterly Investment
    Review Meetings
  • Rate Change Monitoring
    & Reporting
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Safe Harbor Notice Distribution
  • SAR Production & Distribution
  • SMM Notice Distribution
  • SPD Production & Distribution
  • Spousal Consent Approvals
  • Termination Date Verification
    & Maintenance
  • Termination Withdrawal Approval
  • Trustee Duties
  • Review & Process Payroll Files
  • Vesting Verification & Tracking
  • Year End Data Collection
    & Review


YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES WITH [Advisor Firm Names] pooled solution

An employer who sponsors a retirement plan for their employees has overriding fiduciary responsibility for the plan. This solution allows the employer to outsource that responsibility to the highest degree.


Improve accuracy, save time and effort 


PayStart provides a service for qualifying clients that allows contribution data to be sent directly from the payroll vendor to Transamerica, eliminating the need for the plan sponsor to create and manipulate a separate file. This can help your organization:


Transfer of participant compensation, contribution, and other data to Transamerica happens automatically and securely


Payroll uploads and deferral changes are no longer timeconsuming tasks, allowing for more efficiency


Automated integration reduces opportunities for compliance issues and can save your staff time from dealing with errors


With automation, staff can recover their time and focus on other important matters

Recordkeeper and the Participant Experience 

Driving Participant Success

The Transamerica participant experience is designed to help people understand if their savings and investment strategy is in line with their retirement goals.

It starts with enrollment and continues with personalized communications and financial education, showing participants how they can improve their retirement readiness.

An easy-to-understand forecast generated by the underlying methodology provided by Morningstar. Using simple weather icons, it shows participants if their current investment strategy is likely to produce the income they’re seeking in retirement and offers steps to improve their chances of achieving their goals. 

Your Retirement Outlook® is featured prominently on the participant website, mobile app, and quarterly statements.

What do [ADVISOR FIRM NAMES] trusted partners bring to the table?

Financial Professional
Financial Professional

[Financial Advisor]

[Financial advisors firm bio]

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Transamerica is an industry leading recordkeeper with over 20 years of experience with pooled arrangements. Their time-tested recordkeeping technology offers a proven infrastructure allowing for pooled arrangements, ensuring a plan will be administered successfully and accurately for the plan participant’s transition to retirement.

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Investment Manager
Investment Manager

[Investment Manager]

[As the named ERISA 3(38) Investment Fiduciary in the plan document, the Investment Manager is responsible for the selection and monitoring of the funds in the investment menu in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement for the plan. TAG Resources works with leading global providers of investment services staffed by research professionals, many of whom have
hands-on fund management experience and the human capital, technology, and experience to manage investment risk and return outcomes.]

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Plan Administrator
Plan Administrator

TAG Resources

TAG Resources is the Plan Administrator and a Named Fiduciary, as defined under ERISA sections 402(a), 3(16), and 3(21). It is our job to perform all functions necessary to keep your plan compliant.

As such, TAG Resources is responsible for the day-to-day operations of your plan. The functions we perform on your behalf include: the signing and filing of the Form 5500, QDRO determinations, service of legal process related to the plan, plan operations, participant claims and appeals, distributions, beneficiary determinations, including any related extensions to the plan.

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Smart Retirement Solutions, Inc.

SRS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart USA Co. (Smart), dedicated to providing outsourced retirement plan fiduciary services. Through partnership with financial institutions (including broker-dealers, RIAs, retirement providers, insurers, asset managers, banks) and financial advisors, they deliver digital, customized, and cost-efficient solutions.


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