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More than 90 class-action lawsuits challenging 401(k) fees were successfully launched in 2020. Most firms have agreed to multi-million-dollar settlements in response to proposed class-action lawsuits. Leaving employers in peril. You’ve worked hard to create your business. It’s important to protect it.

Introducing APO 401K Retirement Plan Exchange® powered by TAG Resources, Transamerica, and Two West.

Cost EffectiveReduced Liability90% of Administrative tasks

The APO Retirement Retirement Plan Exchange® becomes your retirement department.

Would you trust just anybody to run your retirement plan?

So many responsibilities, so little time.

Many employers are unaware of the actual list of responsibilities that befall them when they take on their own retirement plan.

TAG performs over 90% of administrative duties.

A better fit for you and your employees

Less risk for you also means more security for the employees you manage. This can lead to better and more qualified employees.

Cost Effective

Pooling hundreds of company retirement plans together provides scale that allows the APO 401K Retirement Plan Exchange® to provide members with lower-cost even with expanded services.

Outsource Administration

Over 90% of your administrative tasks will be handled through the outsourcing administrative duties to retirement professionals.

Outsource Liability

Simply failing to file a 5500 tax form on time can cost as much as $2,140 Dollars PER DAY! Plans administered through the Retirement Plan Exchange are designed to meet IRS and DOL regulations.

Items Employers could be personally liable for and not even know it. 

  • Poor Investment Performance

  • Poor & Costly Administration

  • Excessive Plan Fees

  • Fines & Penalties


With compliance and fiduciary oversight support, Employers now have professional partners to ensure plan compliance and provide fiduciary services and responsibilities while also saving on fees. The APO 401 (k) Retirement Solution powered by TAG Resouces takes on over 90% of your fiduciary duties, and the staff has Erisa trained employees to assist in running your plan. This means the likelihood of you not complying is significantly lower than if you were to attempt to administer your plan. Working with APO’s new solution you get the protection you need at a dramatically lower cost.

Our Partners who make it all possible and their functions. We are here for you.

The industry leading partners behind the solution

APO Financial

APO Financial

At APO Financial, we believe in living your life in 5-year increments. This applies to all phases of life but in particular, life in retirement. This is why we structure wealth building around the client’s vision of what they want the future to look like, their main priorities, and top goals for retirement.

TAG Resources

TAG Resources

TAG Resources ensures your plan reaps long-term rewards with easier day-to-day operations. As the largest end-to-end retirement plan provider in the US, TAG is recognized nationally for pioneering unique Retirement Programs. The Multiple Employer Program™ is our newest innovation, bundling retirement plans together in a service model previously only available for very large companies.

Fiduciary Plus

3(38) Investment Manager

3(38) Investment Manager

Fiduciary-Plus was created to partner with advisors as we strive to provide best-in-class services to plan sponsors and their plan participants.



With more than 85 years of experience helping people prepare for retirement, Transamerica is one of the most recognized, trusted names in financial services. As a pioneer in pooled-plan solutions, we equip plan sponsors with the tools, resources, and professional support to help their employees pursue a healthier, more secure future.

John Goodhue

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

John is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Speaker, and Author, whom you may have seen as a guest many times on financial shows such as CNBC’s Squawk Box and Power Lunch.

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Retirement Plan Exchange® is a registered service mark of Transamerica. The Exchange is not a multiple employer plan (MEP). Unlike a MEP, certain plan qualification and ERISA requirements are applied at the individual plan level. An employer participating in an Exchange retains certain fiduciary responsibilities, including responsibility for retaining and monitoring the 3(16) plan administrator, for determining the reasonableness of its fees, and for periodically reviewing the Exchange as a whole.

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