Your Co-Brand Order Options
Once you have placed your order you will receive an email from Rev8lation Media. Please check your junk filter. This will contain a link to submit your important information to start the process. Please note: There will be yearly changes made that are mandated by compliance and updates that are mandatory in terms of updating assets etc. We handle the hosting and performance of your landing sales page. Changes that you request are changes that are billed to you.
This is the TAG Marketing Materials Cobranded to fit your company or association.
This is a fully functioning cobranded landing page to help market the product and send potential leads.
You may add this option to any of the choices above. This is a full cobranded video. You have the option to embed this into your landing page or host it separately if you do not choose a landing page.
$ 0.00
Once we go through all of your needs and check out everything you have submitted we will begin creation. We will send you any questions we have. Please make sure all the information is correct. This means you need to make sure all your disclaimers are correct, name of solution, FA information and all other questions asked. We will work with you to make sure it is done properly. If you need to make changes in the future we will have to bill for those changes. Minor changes will be considered, however most clients feel major changes are minor changes when they do not understand how design works. Please keep in mind one change means potential changes in multiple areas. Compliance issues may surface with changes.