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THE 401(k) Exchange

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The 401(k) Exchange is brought to you by Saling Simms Associates.

An Independent Registered Investment Adviser since 1989, dedicated to the financial success of companies, associations, foundations as well as intergenerational wealth management for families.

Why pay more to handle fiduciary Liability?

The 401(k) Exchange leverages its new relationships to offer you the following with this new retirement solution.

A better fit for you and your employees

Less risk for you also mean more security for the employees you manage. This can lead to better and more qualified employees.

  • Cost Effective

    Pooling hundreds of company retirement plans together provides scale that allows the The 401(k) Exchange Retirement Solution to provide members with lower cost even with expanded services

  • Outsource Administration

    Over 90% of your administrative tasks will be handled through the outsourcing of administration to retirement professionals.

  • Outsource Liability

    Simply failing to file A form 5500 on time can cost as much as $2140 PER DAY! Plans administered through The 401(k) Exchange is designed to meet IRS and DOL regulations.

Most Employers Have Concerns About Having A 401k.

We Have Solutions.

Compliance Issues​​

In 2020 67% of companies randomly audited by the DOL failed the audit. Resulting in billions in fines and penalties.

Tag Resources administrative process is designed to meet DOL random audit requirements on a realtime basis.​

Huge Liability

Employers often do not know the liability they take on with a 401(k) plan.. Any employer who understands the risk, does not want to take it on.  

Sailing Simms Associates, named fiduciary on your plan and TAG Resources will mitigate liability risk for you. ​

Overpriced Plans​

Small business owners are sometimes already financially stretched and cannot afford a high priced retirement solution that works. 

The 401(k) Exchange is a “pooled” retirement plan, meaning that we pool many company plans to together. This gives our clients some of the lowest prices and the most extensive services in the industry.


When offering a retirement plan to your people, you're held to the highest standards under the law.  If you don't have the required expertise in house, you need to hire professionals to help you stay compliant.

Administration on the plan is done by TAG Resources, whose team includes ERISA trained employees and ERISA attorneys.


What do your administrative duties look like with and without this new solution?

TAG performs over 90% of administrative duties.

  • 3(38) Investment Manager Appointment
  • 402(g) Limit Reporting
  • 404(a)(5) Notice Distribution
  • 404(c) Notice Distribution
  • 408(b)(2) Notice Distribution
  • Annual Discrimination & Coverage Testing
  • Audit Completion Support
  • Audit Firm Hiring & Monitoring
  • Auto Enrollment Notice Distribution
  • Beneficiary Designation Form Maintenance
  • Beneficiary Determinations
  • Blackout Notice Distribution
  • Census Review
  • Corrective Distributions
  • Death Benefit Approval
  • Distribution Reporting
  • DOL and IRS Issue Resolution Assistance
  • Eligibility Calculations
  • Eligibility Notifications
  • Employer Contribution Monitoring
  • ERISA Bond Review
  • Error Correction Monitoring
  • Fiduciary Insurance Coverage Review
  • Force Out Processing
  • Form 5330 Preparation, Signing, & Filing
  • Form 5500 Preparation, Signing, & Filing
  • Form 8955 Preparation, Signing, & Filing
  • Fund Change Notice Distribution
  • Hardship Withdrawal Approval
  • Loan Approval & Reporting
  • Loan Default Monitoring
  • Loan Policy Administration
  • Lost Earnings Calculations
  • Participant Enrollment Assistance
  • Payroll Aggregation
  • Payroll File Aggregation
  • Plan Design Review
  • Plan Document Interpretation
  • Plan Document Preparation & Archiving
  • Plan Irregularity Notification
  • QDIA Notice Distribution
  • QDRO Determinations & Reporting
  • Quarterly Investment Review Meetings
  • Rate Changes Monitoring & Reporting
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Safe Harbor Notice Distribution
  • SAR Production & Distribution
  • SMM Notice Distribution
  • SPD Production & Distribution
  • Spousal Consent Approvals
  • Termination Date Verification & Maintenance
  • Termination Withdrawal Approval
  • Top Hat Preparation, Signing, & Filing
  • Trustee Duties
  • Vesting Verification & Tracking
  • Year End Data Collection & Review
  • Upload Payroll Files to TAG
  • Monitor TAG
  • Provide Year-End Data for Testing

Partners behind the The 401(k) Exchange

3(38) Investment Manager

Saling Simms Associates, An Independent Registered Investment Advisor since 1989, is dedicated to the financial success of companies, associations, foundations as well as intergenerational wealth management for families. As fiduciaries, our experienced and credentialed retirement plan consultants focus on making your plan effective for your employees and efficient for you. We help you realize superior results for you and your employees by customizing your plan design, finding the right providers, and delivering fiduciary management. Retirement plans, key person planning, corporate cash management, whatever your special needs, our skilled and responsive professionals can help. At Saling Simms Associates we are…

”Committed to your Financial Future”.

The largest end to end bundled provider in the U.S.

TAG Resources ensures your plan reaps long-term rewards with easier day-to-day operations. As the largest end-to-end retirement plan provider in the US, TAG is recognized nationally for pioneering unique pooled Retirement Programs, bundling retirement plans together in a service model previously only available for very large companies.

Connecting participants to the power of their solution

With more than 85 years of experience helping people prepare for retirement, Transamerica is one of the most recognized, trusted names in financial services. As a pioneer in pooled-plan solutions, we equip plan sponsors with the tools, resources, and professional support to help their employees pursue a healthier, more secure future.

Financial Adviser

Peggy Slaughter, CFP©, AIF©, CRPS©, CPFA

As an Investment Adviser Representative of Saling Simms Associates, Peggy entered the financial services industry in 1982. Having focused on the complexities of qualified plans her entire career, first as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) then as a credentialed financial advisor, she has been recognized by the National Association of Plan Advisors as one of the Top Women Advisors for several years running. Raymond James also selected her to join the Retirement Plan Advisory Council in 2008. Her strong background has helped her provide her clients with experienced and thorough advice, as well as to lobby congress for fair and beneficial regulations for the industry.

Ready for a better 401k Plan?

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The Best Retirement Plan We've Ever Built

Welcome to a dramatically lower cost pooled employer retirement solution

The 401(k) Exchange has done extensive due diligence to find a retirement solution that saves members money, reduces their fiduciary risk, and outsources more than 90% of their retirement plan fiduciary duties. Introducing the 401(k) Exchange retirement solution powered by Saling Simms. Associates, TAG Resources, and Transamerica.

Committed to your Financial Future