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The [Sample Company] Retirement Plan, powered by TAG Resources.

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The [Sample Company] Retirement Solution is a powerful tool for your company.

*You can attract and retain top talent.
*You can maximize your opportunities to save for your own retirement.

Most Employers Have Concerns About Having A 401(k).

We Have Solutions.

Compliance Issues​​

In 2020 67% of companies randomly audited by the DOL failed the audit. Resulting in Billions in fines and penalties.

Tag Resources administrative process is designed to meet DOL random audit requirements on a realtime basis.​

Huge Liability

Employers often do not know the liability they take on. Any employer who understands it does not want the risk. We mitigate that risk for you.

As named fiduciary on your plan we mitigate liability risk for you. ​

Overpriced Plans​

Small business owners are sometimes already financially stretched and cannot afford a high priced retirement solution that works. TAG is the answer other companies retirement providers cannot match.

[Sample Company] is a “pooled” retirement plan, meaning that we pool many company plans to together. This gives our clients some of the lowest prices and the most extensive services in the industry.


When offering a retirement plan to your people, you're held to the highest standards under the law.  If you don't have the required expertise in house, you need to hire professionals to help you stay compliant with ERISA in offering the best plan to your employees.

Administration on the plan is done by TAG Resources. TAG Resources employees are all trained on ERISA law and TAG has ERISA lawyers on staff and on retainer.

Department of Labor audits can be costly for your business!

Simply failing to file a 5500 tax form on time can cost as much as $2140 Dollars PER DAY! TAG plans are designed to meet IRS and DOL regulations.

Managing your own retirement plan can be a big administrative burden.

 With Sample Company and TAG Resources at the helm of your retirement plan, you can stay on top of your business, knowing that the day-to-day responsibilities of your plan are being looked after.

How does our plan Overcome all of the concerns listed above?

By using [Sample Company’s] trusted providers.

Our Trusted Providers Help Make It Possible.

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3(38) Investment Manager
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With more than 85 years of experience helping people prepare for retirement, Transamerica is one of the most recognized, trusted names in financial services. As a pioneer in pooled-plan solutions, we equip plan sponsors with the tools, resources, and professional support to help their employees pursue a healthier, more secure future.
TAG Resources ensures your plan reaps long-term rewards with easier day-to-day operations. As the largest end-to-end retirement plan provider in the US, TAG is recognized nationally for pioneering unique Retirement Programs. The Multiple Employer Program™ is our newest innovation, bundling retirement plans together in a service model previously only available for very large companies.
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